We cherish and celebrate femininity. Intuitive by nature, she represents divine femininity; she is grounded, planted in love, rooted in her strength, she tends to her growth, nurturing her inner world. She lives consciously and exudes authentic confidence. She is ineffable, magnetic and captivating. She honors her intuition, is guided by instinct and isn’t afraid to be herself. Feminine and elegant standing tall with the strength of her roots, she dares to bloom unapologetically.


A thoughtful and sentient approach to living and brand craftsmanship that savours the highest quality materials and curate luxury garments that endure. We also embrace a conscious and intuitive model of confidence that stems from within and radiates out.


An intuitive and grounded approach to the connection with ourselves, others, and the confident community we cultivate. Rooted is a deeper way of understanding our journey of self-discovery and confidence and nurturing the roots from which we grow.


 A self-aware and rooted philosophy that fosters alignment, clarity and purposeful action in everything we do. Our intention is simply to inspire you to be your full yourself, so you can live confidently and celebrate the woman you truly are.


We honor the power of a woman’s intuition and encourage cultivating a strong and deep intuitive confidence. We believe in tending to the relationship that affects all others, the relationship with yourself. We believe that a woman’s authentic confidence is rooted internally and expressed externally. Coco Rosine promotes conscious living, openness and vulnerability; allowing for a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.


A belief in celebrating your divine femininity and intuitive confidence.  Embrace the powerful woman you are and bloom where you are planted.


We embrace an open-minded and empowered way of thinking with your growth in mind. Our intention is to nurture your growth and cultivate your confidence, so you can bloom into the powerful woman you’ve always been.


Community is at the heart of the Coco Rosine Brand. Within our Coco Rosine #daretobloom community we aim to inspire women to cultivate self-love, overcome low-self-esteem and promotes intuitive confidence and bold expression.

give back

Giving back is at the core of our brand. We are committed to empowering women and tackling pressing issues that women are facing. We give 1% of our profits to organizations and charities tackling female domestic abuse.