At the heart of the Coco Rosine Brand is our inspiration, our founder, and our muse; Rosine Youmbi. Inspired by Rosine’s personal journey of self-discovery and transformation, Coco Rosine is an ode to the strength, power, and intuition of a woman.

In the Spring 2020, Rosine followed the call of her intuition, encouraging her to embrace her femininity. Having always been ferociously opposed to wearing dresses or skirts, she decided to challenge herself to wear dresses daily. In tapping into her femininity, Rosine experienced a profound shift; she felt liberated, empowered, and feminine. She was able to be vulnerable and authentic with herself and others, thus allowing her full potential to bloom. She could speak her truth confidently.

Rosine recognized that by previously avoiding her femininity, she had been repressing her true self.  “Your femininity is your superpower”, affirms Youmbi. “It shifts you into alignment with who you truly are. It is a return to love, a return to self”.

She realized that femininity was not something to suppress but rather is about embracing who you in your entirety. It’s about choosing love instead of fear. It’s about remembering who you are and reclaiming your power and femininity as a woman, without shame or judgement. Fundamentally, it is a choice. “It’s about choosing to be yourself”.

“We owe it to ourselves to step into our power and be who we’ve always been”. For so long, as women, we are taught to look outside ourselves for fulfilment and to learn who we are, and yet, your power, your femininity has been within you this whole time. “Only once you learn to love yourself in your entirety, will you truly feel free”.

“When you remember who you are you become empowered to be yourself and radiate your magnificence to the world. You are able to own your power as a woman”. You cannot seek self-outside of self.  You cannot seek love outside of self. And as Rumi aptly remarks “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.

 “There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is unapologetically herself, aligned with her feminine energy and radiates love, light and joy” declares Youmbi. “In this world where women are constantly told that they must be anything but themselves, this act of self-love is revolutionary. It goes against everything we’re taught by society about what makes us acceptable”.

It takes courage to face yourself and step into your power as a woman. But Youmbi realized there’s no turning back, no more hiding; we cannot live in denial of our full selves. Youmbi chooses to celebrate her femininity with her empowering feminine Coco Rosine garments designed to inspire confidence within.

Youmbi is now a firm believer that femininity is a superpower and vulnerability is not a weakness.  “Vulnerability is not something to shy away from, it is not a wall, it is a door, a portal, to unite with our true selves”. Youmbi believes in nurturing the relationship that affects all others, the one with yourself. Coco Rosine invites women to remember their power, reclaim their femininity and dare to bloom.